Tableless Liquid Design

As a means of increasing accessibility and clean HTML code, this site was designed without tables through the use of CSS. It is also designed completely in em units rather than pixels or percentages. If you increase/decrease the text on this page, the entire site should scale rather than just the text.

Accessibility Options

This site uses keyboard shortcuts to aid in navigation and accessibility. On any page within you can use the following key options:

A site-wide id attribute has been added to the body element <body id="suda-co-uk">. This allows anyone to restyle this site how they see fit through the use of CSS descendant selectors.


The HTML code on this site validates as XHTML 1.1. The CSS validates as version 3. The RDF/RSS validate correctly.


The metadata on this site uses several different formats including Dublin Core, XFN, hCalendar, hCard, ICBM, and RDF. The RDF metadata is dynamically generated by GRDDL via XSLT and the XHTML file.

Printer Friendly

Through the use of CSS all of these pages are printer-friendly and will print slightly differently than viewed.


A list of glossary terms have been dynamically compiled from <abbr> and <dfn> elements throughout this site.

Feeds & XML

These are Lists of Feeds & XML which include internal feeds, managed external feeds and additional aggregated feeds about this site.

Annual Report

Throughout the year I try to keep a record of various daily things. Then compiled them into a personal annual report. Items tracked include; amount of travel, time on the phone, entertainment and other random topics.

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