A rolling exhibit of random works that I have created, photos I’ve taken or assembled, and an assortment of other images.
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I have started to add images to Flickr so they can be annotated and everyone can leave comments.
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Breaking Boxes with Brian

This is a short video of me breaking through a wall of boxes. All the raw video is available for downloading and remixing is encouraged.
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50 States Simultaneously

For generations philosophers have posed the question, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”. Few have asked what is the sound of all 50 states being spoken at once. Well, thanks to a slow weekend and some audio software, we now know.
[Audio files of all 50 states being spoken at once]

Consecutive Number Plate Spotting

Starting in 2007, I began taking photos of license plates around town in consecutive order. This documents my attempt to find all 1000 number possible in the 3 digit space. The portion that makes it difficult and time consuming is the consecutive nature.
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In 2002 Saint Louis University rebuilt the student union. This is a timelapse taken of the construction.
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Sumar Sólstöður á Íslandi

Over the summer of 2004 I worked at the Reykjavík International Youth Hostel. This is a timelapse of the Midnight Sun during the Summer Solstice
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