Breaking Boxes with Brian


For two conferneces now, i have manage to collect the extra boxes after setting-up, built a small wall, and broke through them.

The 2007 Edinburgh video is very short, running only 4 seconds. Your challenge is to remix this video in any way, shape, form that you can think of. Then post the results back up to YouTube so we can all share the experience.

While in Brighton for dConstruct 2007, i managed to collect even more boxes and break though them as well. This time the adventure was captured by about 4 camera from different angles. The videos have been uploaded to Vimeo. There are 5 in total.

To make sure we can all find your results, please tag the remixed videos with 'briansuda' and 'bbb'. I'll aggregate the results here.


Here are several different video formats for you to download and remix:


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