Designing with Data

Designing with Data is about getting started with Charts and Graphs, a primer to telling stories with data. This was done through Five Simple Steps. 5 sections, 5 chapters each, for 25 chapters ranging from specific graphs to colours to how to lie with charts.
[More about Designing with Data]

A Pocket Guide to Creating Symbol Fonts

Creating Symbol Fonts is a short ~7,000 work book and eBook on the topic of vector symbol fonts. It walks you through issues, embedding and creating your own custom symbol font.
[More about Creating Symbol Fonts]

Using Microformats

In 2006 I wrote a PDF book for O’Reilly’s Short Cuts series entitled Using Microformats. The 45 page book, available in English, French and German, is available to purchase online through the O’Reilly Website.
[More about Using Microformats]


MSc Project

My MSc project at the University of Edinburgh dealt with a distributed SOAP web service that would add/edit/store BibTeX entries. The department could then query and incorporate the results into their papers.

With Google dropping SOAP web services and as more organizations move to RESTful APIs, the Atom publishing protocol, microformats and JSON, this paper probably hasn't aged as well as it could have. Not to mention the source code was written all in Java.
[More information about my Thesis]


Enhance Usability by Highlighting Search Terms

Co-written with Matt Riggott for A List Apart on August 10th, 2004, issue 186, this article is on the topic of highlighting search terms within the text of your site, based on referrer information from search engines.
[Enhance Usability by Highlighting Search Terms]

Density of Death

Given that the human race is quite old, what is the probability of someone having died in that spot before? With a few assumptions, known variables and a simple equation it is easy to figure out the density of death.
[More about how dense death is around us]

What is an Informatician?

Informatics is a growing occupation, but no one really knows what it means.
[More about the folks who practice informatics]

Linux Format: What on Earth are Microformats?

The January 2007, issue 88 of Linux Format contained my article entitled What on Earth are Microformats. It is a Question and Answer session describing microformats.
[More about Linux Format Article]

SitePoint: Microformats

On July 24th, 2007, I wrote an article entitled Microformats: More Meaning from Your Markup for Sitepoint describing various uses and consumers of the hCard and hCalendar microformats.
[Read article about Microformats] Parsing Microformats

On September 4th, 2007, I wrote an article entitled Parsing Microformats for describing the differences between parsing microformats in HTML and XML.
[Read article about Parsing Microformats]

Opera: Designing and Developing mobile web sites in the real world

For the Opera dev site, I wrote an article entitled Designing and Developing mobile web sites in the real world on November 7th, 2007. This is a synopsis of some mobile development we did for some of our clients.
[Read article about Mobile Web Development Part 1]

SitePoint: Portable Social Networks

For Sitepoint, I wrote an article entitled Portable Social Networks: Take Your Friends with You on November 21st, 2007. which talks all about controlling your data online.
[Read article about Portable Social Networks]

Opera: Server-side capability detection for mobile devices

December 6th, 2007 was the second installment of articles about mobile development, Server-side capability detection for mobile devices.
[Read article about Detecting Mobile Devices Part 1]

24ways: Tracking Christmas Cheer with Google Charts

For the 11th day of advent on, I wrote a short tutorial on Google Charts API called Tracking Christmas Cheer with Google Charts.
[Read article about Google Charts]

Opera: Microformats Visualizations

The article Microformat Encoding and Visualization was the start of a series exploring alternative ways of viewing structured microformats data. Published December 19th, 2007.
[Read article about Microformat Encoding and Visualization]

SitePoint: 2008 Predictions

The Future of the Web: What to Expect in 2008 is a short list of nine items that I saw unfolding in 2008. It was run on January 2nd, 2008. It will be interesting to see how many come to fruition.
[Read article about my 2008 predictions]

Digital Web: CSS Not([hacks])

CSS Not([hacks]) ran in the January 7th, 2008 issue of Digital Web Magazine. Using some CSS3 selectors, you can add some progressive enhancements to your site to target specific browsers.
[Read article about CSS3 selectors]

Think Vitamin: Stay on :target

My first article for Think Vitamin, Stay on :target ran on January 31st, 2008. The article demonstrates some interesting interface features you can achieve with this little talked about CSS selector.
[Read article about CSS3 :target pseudo selector]

Opera: XFN encoding, extraction, and visualizations

February 21st, 2008 saw the first of a series of microformat related articles. This one is about XFN encoding, extraction, and visualizations.
[Read article about XFN Visualizations]

Digital Web: Your Social Graph: Exploring the Google API

This article is about Your Social Graph: Exploring the Google API was published on February 27th, 2008.
[Read article about Google Social Graph API]

Sitepoint: Designing for the Mobile Web

The article, Designing for the Mobile Web, was published on March 12th, 2008 and takes an introductory look into how to get started on the mobile web.
[Read article about how to get yourself a mobile site]

.NET Magazine: Experts Advice

The article, Data Visualizations, was published on May 23rd, 2008 and explains why data visualizations are so crucial to our understanding of information.
[Read about data visualizations]

Opera: Barcodes: connecting the real-world to the virtual

On November 21st, 2008 Opera published my article about Barcodes: connecting the real-world to the virtual. It is a tutorial about 2D Barcodes and how to create and read them using freely available tools.
[Read article about 2D barcodes as physical hyperlinks]

Viðskiptablaðið: Vefur fyrir fólk á ferðinni

On November 21st, 2008 Viðskiptablaðið, the Icelandic business paper and interview with me about mobile web design and website designed for mobile use. Vefur fyrir fólk á ferðinni was conducted in English but published in Icelandic.

24ways: Moo'y Christmas

For the 19th day of advent on, I wrote a short tutorial on the Moo API called Moo'y Christmas.
[Read article about Moo Print API]

Agit8: The future of microformats and semantic technologies

For the first issue of the Agit8's website, I wrote a thought experiment about The future of microformats and semantic technologies using an interesting formula put forth by Agit8.
[Read about the future path of microformats]

Opera: Introduction to the mobile web

As part of the Opera Dev blog, I wrote an article entitled Introduction to the mobile web on June 23rd, 2009, all about getting started in the world of "fat free" web design
[Read about Introduction to the mobile web]

SCROLL Magazine #2

In the October 2009 issue of SCROLL Magazine I had two short articles about place. They are only available in the PDF version.
[Read Scroll Magazine #2 Online]

Carsonified: Finding your Flock on Twitter

Digging deeper into my experiments data mining local twitter I wrote Finding your Flock on Twitter on Feb 18th, 02010 for the Carsonified blog.
[Read about Finding your Flock on Twitter]

Ecommerce Developer: Mobile Users are Either Repetitive, Bored or In A Hurry

I was asked to write a little something about mobile web development, so I came-up with Mobile Users are Either Repetitive, Bored or In A Hurry, published on March 16th, 02010. It is a brief article about the 3 common categories of mobile users.
[Read about Mobile Users are Either Repetitive, Bored or In A Hurry]

Carsonified: 4 Ways to Create Web-Based Data Visualisations

I reseached 4 Ways to Create Web-Based Data Visualisations for the carsonified blog published on April 20th, 02010.
[Read about Creating web based visualizations]

Carsonified: Do It Yourself eBooks

With the iPad released and everyone talking about eBooks, I wrote an article on June 15th, 02010 for the Carsonified blog entitled Finding your Flock on Twitter.
[Read about DIY eBooks]

A List Apart: SVG with a little help from Raphaël

The difficult sophomore publication, the second article for A List Apart on July 20th, 02010 about SVG with a little help from Raphaël was released.
[Read about SVG and Raphaël]

52 weeks of UX: Chart Junk Isn’t As Bad As You Think

On August 16th, 02010, I was guest author for the weekly blog 52 weeks of UX. My post is entitled Chart junk isn’t as bad as you think.
[Read about How chart junk might not be all that bad]

ThinkVitamin: Getting Started With (and Gotchas of) CSS Media Queries

For ThinkVitamin I wrote a bit about Getting Started With (and Gotchas of) CSS Media Queries, published on August 27th, 02010.
[Read about CSS Media Queries]

.NET magazine: Create a cool data visualization

Create a cool data visualization was published on October 12th, 02010 for .NET magazine's issue 208.
[Read about Creating a cool data visualization]

UXBooth: Designing for Noise

On November 23rd, 02010 I wrote a short piece for UXBooth regarding Designing for Noise.
[Read about Designing for Noise]

24ways: Creating Color Contrast

Creating color contrast was published on December 24th, 02010 for
[Read about Creating color contrast]

B!T: Future Technology

Future Technology was published on January 7th, 02011 in issue 148 of B!T technology magazine and is a look at the last 2,000 years of technology to predict 02011.
[View the magazine in Portuguese]

BuildMobile: Alternative Mobile Interfaces

One of sitepoint's daughter sites published on May 4th 02011 and article I wrote about Alternative Mobile Interfaces: How to Set Up SMS and Voice Menus.
[Read more about PBX systems]

.Net Magazine: 15 fantastic data visualisations

15 fantastic data visualisations was a feature article at .NET on Feb 6th, 02012. It focuses on 15 unique and interesting visualizations attempting to summarize different aspects of data.
[Read about 15 fantastic data visualisations]

creativebloq: 20 superb data visualisation tools for web designers

Originally 20 superb data visualisation tools for web designers was a feature at .NET then later moved to CreativeBloq. Published Sept 16th, 02012, it lists out 20 tools from easy to more complex you should get to know as a data analyst.
[Read about 20 superb data visualisation tools]

A List Apart: The Era of Symbol Fonts

The Era of Symbol Fonts part of issue 371 on A List Apart, March 12th, 02013. From performance to branding, symbol fonts are an ideal vector format for parts of your webdesign.
[Read about Symbol Fonts]

creativebloq: 20 free data visualisation tools

20 free data visualisation tools was published on May 2nd, 02013 as a follow-up to the previous data viz article. This one focuses on tools, videos and books to further improve your data viz knowledge.
[Read about 20 free data visualisation tools]

24ways: Animating Vectors with SVG

For the 02013 24ways website, I wrote about Animating Vectors with SVG on the 7th day of December. Using the line stroke property, you can create some cool animations.
[Read about Symbol Fonts]



Starting in 2006, I was one of the invited experts for the GRDDL working group. The GRDDL specification aims to supplement the RDF/XML concrete syntax with a flexible mechanism for using other XML syntaxes with the Resource Description Framework.
[W3C GRDDL Specification]


The microformat hCard allows for vCard files to be encoded semantically into XHTML. hCard is used to described people, places and organizations.
[hCard Specification]


The hCalendar microformat represents iCalendar files encoded semantically into XHTML. hCalendar allows for the description and aggregation of events across the web.
[hCalendar Specification]


XTECH 2006

XTECH06 (May 16th - 19th) is the premier European conference for developers, information designers and managers working with web and standards-based technologies. Hotel Kransnapolsky, Amsterdam, Netherlands
[Microformats from the Ground Up]


www2006 (May 23rd - 26th) 15th annual world wide web conference. Edinburgh International Conference Centre
[Microformats, converting XHTML to vCards and iCalendars]


EuroOSCON06 (September 18th - 21st) 2nd annual European Open Source Convention. Hotel Le Plaza, Brussels, Belgium
[Microformats: Web of Data]

Refresh Edinburgh

Refresh Edinburgh (May 22nd 2006, 8PM9PM) joins local web developers to discuss and learn about new technologies.
[Introducing Microformats into your website]

Refresh Edinburgh (April 6th 2007, 1PM6PM) a half-day conference for local Edinburgh developers.
[Introduction to Microformats]


XTECH07 (May 15th - 18th). The theme for that year’s conference was “The Ubiquitous Web”. Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel, Paris, France
[The Future of HTML]

Web 2.0 Expo

Berlin Web 2.0 Expo (November 5th - 8th) is the place to learn, network, and engage in the European Web 2.0 community, Messe Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany
[Microformats a Web of Data]

Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2008 (October 21st - 23rd) is a mix of inspirational, theoretical and practical sessions, Berliner Congress Center, Berlin, Germany
[Creating a Specialized Mobile UI]

Ráðstefna um vefmál 2008

Ráðstefna um vefmál 2008 Feburary 1st is a short afternoon conference connected with the SVEF Web Award Ceremony. Harvard sal, Hótel Sögu, Reykjavík, Iceland
[PaperNet: Internet on Paper]


XTECH08 (May 6th - 9th). The theme for that year’s conference was “The Web on the Move”. Dublin, Ireland
[2D barcodes, connecting the real to the virtual]


Reboot10 (June 26th - 27th). “Free” was the theme for that year’s conference where we all came together to reboot our minds. Copenhagen, Denmark
[How freeloaders can be an asset]


SHiFT08 (October 15th - 17th). The theme for 02008 was Transient Technology. Lisbon, Portugal
[Transient Semantics and Microformats]

<head> conference

Head Conference (October 24th - 26th). This was an Online experimenting with bringing smart people around the world all in one place for others to virtually attend.
[Specialized Mobile UI]


The IceWeb08 conferences was held November 13th - 14th in Reykjavík, Iceland. This was a 2 day conferences with several international speakers.
[Creation of a Specialized Mobile UI]

CeBIT 2009

CeBIT is one of Europe's largest trade shows and conferences. This year it was held between March 3rd - 8th in Hannover, Germany.
[Identity Management Panel]

Twiist 2009

Twiist conferences is an affordable one day conference for like-minded web creatives held May 12th in Leuven, Brussels.
[Transient Semantics and Microformats]

9.9.9 Conference

9.9.9 Conference is a social media conference held September 9th in Salurinn, Kópavógur, Iceland.
[@icelanders on twitter]

Codebits 2009

Codebits is a hackday conference held December 3rd in Lisbon, Portugal.
[Optional Is Required]

Codebits 2010

Codebits is a 48 hour hackday conference starting on November 11th in Lisbon, Portugal.
[Collecting and Visualizing Data]

Codebits 2012

Codebits VI is a 48 hour hackday conference sponsored by SAPO starting on November 15th in Lisbon, Portugal.
[Bits to Business, how to sell your software]

Webdirections: @media 2011

Webdirecions @media 2011 May 24th, London, England.
[Visualising Data at @media 2011]

DIBI 2011

DIBI 2011 conferences is two track conference focusing on Designing and Building June 7-8th in Newcastle, England.
[Visualising Data at DIBI 2011]

WhiskyWeb 2012

WhiskyWeb 2012 conferences is two track conference focusing on Development May 13th in Edinburgh, Scotland.
[Visualising Data at WhiskyWeb 2012]

WebExpo Guildford

WebExpo Guildford is two track conference focusing on Dev and Design October 12th in Guildford, England.
[Designing with Data at WebExpo Guildford]

MM Conf

MM Conf is a mobile mobile conference on April 18th-19th in Krakow, Poland.
[Sensors and Sensibility at mmconf]


ZDNet Japan

“まず人にとって読みやすいこと、機械はその次”–Brian Suda氏が語るMicroformats, 末岡洋子, October 5th, 02006. While at EuroOSCON06 I did a short interview for ZDNet Japan about microformats.
[Read interview at ZDNet Japan]

Maryland Media

On January 2nd, 02007, I did a short set of Question and Answers with Martin of Maryland Media on the topic of microformats.
[Read interview at Maryland Media]

For the Danish microformats website I participated in a series of Question and Answers with Søren Johannessen which was published on November 30th, 02007.
[Read interview at]

Gareth Rushgrove and Brian Suda at XTECH 2008

On May 10th, 02008, Ian Forrester interviews Gareth and myself about various technologies and the web.
[View XTECH08 Interview]

Brian Suda - Reboot 10 interview

On June 23rd, 02008, Nicole Simon interviewed me about my "FreeLoaders" presentation at Reboot 10.
[Listen to Reboot10 Interview]

186. Mobile Web

On October 7th, 02009, Paul Boag interviewed me about mobile web development.
[Read more about Boagworld podcast 186 Mobile Web]

Inc. Magazine: How to Design and Build a Mobile Website

After a nice chat with Inc. Magazine staff, a few quotes about mobile development ended-up in there article published on July 09th 02010.
[Read the Inc. article online]

Scunch-up Interview

Scrunch-up is a Web Magazine for Young Designers and Developers. I chatted with Anna Debenham on August 31st 02010 about my book Designing with Data and plenty of other topics.
[Read the interview at Scrunch-up]

Tropo History Hack Day Interview

Tropo is a telephony platform that was used at History Hack Day in London. On February 8th 02011 they published an interview about my hack using tropo as a Titanic Re-enactment phone ticketing system.
[Read the interview at the tropo blog]

Webstandardistas: Dozen Questions

The Webstandaristas asked me a Dozen questions which were subsequently published on February 14th 02011.
[Read the interview at Webstandardistas]

GeekSpeak: 616: The Number of the Beast

Radio Interview with the team from GeekSpeak on the topic of visualizations originally aired on June 25th 02011.
[Listen to the interview at]

UIE: Designing with Data

Spoolcast with Jared Spool on the topic of data visualizations on May 14th 02012.
[Listen to the interview at]

Idea Podcast: Upplýsingamiðlun

On July 13th 02012, My 15 minute audio interview with Idea Magazine on the topic pf Data Visualizations was published.
[You can listen online at]

One Two One Two Microphone Check: The Work Questionnaire

On July 27th 02012, My answers to the Questionnaires à la Proust for work were published.
[Read my answers to the work questions]

Creative Bloq: Brian Suda on why visualisations need to be beautiful

The creative bloq published my interview about data visualizations on November 25th 02013,
[Read my interview about data vizualizations]

Workspiration: Brian Suda

On November 29th 02013, I answered a series of questions about my work, workflow and inspiration.
[Read my answers to the workspiration questions]

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