Microformats, converting XHTML to vCards and iCalendars

www2006 programme
May 24th, 14:00 - 15:30
Edinburgh International Conference Centre
The Exchange


X2V is a simple set of XSLT files that extensively use XPATH to extract data from an XHTML document and convert them into corresponding vCards and iCalendars. X2V has also jump started much of the interest around Microformats. Microformats describe ways to embed data into your XHTML files through the use of classes. X2V is the main tool to extract this data. uses X2V in their feeds services to extract microformats from blogs for syndication. These XPATH expressions used to extract data can be used in many different applications including GRDDL to convert XHTML to RDF helping to generate more data for the semantic web.

This demo consists of simply showing an XHTML file with some structured data, running it through the XSLT file and converting it to its corresponding output. Time permitting, the demo will make changes to the input file demonstrating the changes in the output, a brief walk through of XSLT and XPATH code showing how to recursively clean strings, call-back to other parts of the XHTML file, and look up the DOM Tree to find any language encoding.


The presentation the slides are available, most of the 15 minute demonstration was running through some examples and marking-up the speakers page with an hCard and an hCalendar.

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