Sumar Sólstöður á Íslandi


Over the summer of 2004 I worked at the Reykjavík Internation Youth Hostel. On June 21st to June 23rd I placed a cheap web-cam on top of the hostel pointing to the south. An image was taken every 5 minutes for 48 hours. Some of the resulting images were put together into this time-lapse video. Originally, the camera was pointed north into the sun, but the camera images were over-exposed. The camera was then pointed south and the auto-correction "feature" made some of the frames lighter and darker. Then on the 23rd it started to cloud-up and eventually rain, so the sky looks darker. I guess you really needed to be here to experience the midnight sun.

The video is an mpeg4 file, it is 745.32 KB in size and runs for 24 s, each second representing one hour. Each hour is 12 images from the web-cam and is one second in the video. Reykjavík is below the Arctic Circle, so even on the longest day the sun still sets for approximately 20 minutes.



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