50 States Simultaneously


This is a recording of all 50 US states being simultaneously spoken.


The TV show Family Guy, Episode 3 Season 3 entitled, Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington has a brief scene where the main character, Peter, has been promoted to the president of his company. The bumbling idiot can’t truly understand why he was promoted, but he suspects that it was due to to his ability to say all 50 states at once. He then lets out a ‘yelping’ sound. I laughed pretty hard. The more I thought about it, the funnier it got.

In tribute to Peter Griffin, I have recorded myself saying all 50 states individually, then layered them on top of one each other to produce the sound of all of them bring pronounced simultaneously. The result isn’t as funny or exciting as on TV, have a listen.


Here are several different audio formats for you to download:

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