2008 Personal Annual Report


In 2008 I spent a total of (639) minutes on skype. Over the 12 months, I topped-up my mobile phone (13) times which cost me 8500 ISK. I also had several roaming charges for using my phone abroad totaling 3056 ISK, plus the $20 in Skype top-up brings my overall tele-communications bill for 2008 to ~$105

  1. jan: 17 Minutes
  2. feb: 0 Minutes
  3. mar: 127 Minutes
  4. apr: 0 Minutes
  5. may: 11 Minutes
  6. jun: 1 Minute
  7. jul: 35 Minutes
  8. aug: 142 Minutes
  9. sep: 46 Minutes
  10. oct: 73 Minutes
  11. nov: 82 Minutes
  12. dec: 105 Minutes


In 2008 I saw a total of (4) movies in the theatre, read or listened to (15) books, attended (2) concerts and went to (1) sporting event.

Movies include

Books include


Sporting Events


In total I spent approximately (1990) minutes in the air on various flights and the following days in different cities. According to my Dopplr profile, my average velocity is 2.14 km/h which is the same as the NASA shuttle crawler

Getting to and from work on the bus requires a travel card. For the first half of the year I used my student card to travel for free. When that expired, I purchased 3 month travel cards. I did this 3 times at a cost of 12,700 ISK each.

Several friends visiting in 2008 and we managed to racked-up (1) speeding ticket which I paid 7500 ISK for the infraction.

Throughout the year, I took taxis only twice, totaling a cost of 1180 ISK

This brought my annual general travel expenses to 46,780 ISK which is ~$380.


This is a list of conferences I attended in 2008.

Guest Book

In 2008, we recorded everyone who stayed at our flat as a guest and for how many nights they had come to visit. We were paid (32) visits by (17) different people staying an average of 3.25 days per person.

Food & Drink

Dinning out

Over the course of 2008, I ate out (26) times in Iceland. We also ordered in food (6) times. This is not counting my trips abroad which I would have eaten out just about everyday.

Milk Meter

Over twelve months I purchased (7) litters of Milk (~1.5 Gallons) and spent 892 ISK (~ $7.35/£5/€5.27 ) on drinking milk.


At the Start of 2008, my iTunes library had (227) items. At the start of 2009 there were (1218) items in my library, for a change of (991) items.


At the Start of 2008, my iPhoto library had (1844) images. At the start of 2009 there were (3245) images in my library, for a change of (1401) images.

Guilty Pleasures

This is a short list of some of the things I enjoyed probably more than I should have.


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