02009 Personal Annual Report


In 02009 I spent a total of (335) phone minutes on skype. Over the 12 months, I topped-up my mobile phone (10) times which cost me 9500 ISK.

  1. jan: 35 Minutes
  2. feb: 71 Minutes
  3. mar: 70 Minutes
  4. apr: 0 Minutes
  5. may: 1 Minutes
  6. jun: 32 Minute
  7. jul: 42 Minutes
  8. aug: 0 Minutes
  9. sep: 61 Minutes
  10. oct: 23 Minutes
  11. nov: 0 Minutes
  12. dec: 50 Minutes


In 02009 I saw a total of (3) movies in the theatre and read or listened to (23) books.

Movies include

Books include


In total I spent approximately (1780) minutes in the air on various flights and the following days in different cities.


All this travel equated to approximately 2,407 kg CO2. There were also several short train journeys and a EuroStar trip from London to Brussels which are not accounted for.


This is a list of conferences I attended in 02009.


In order to gain culture points, this is a list of museums visited in 02009.


At the Start of 02009, my iTunes library had (1218) items. At the start of 02008 there were (1440) items in my library, for a change of (222) items.


At the Start of 02009, my iPhoto library had (3245) images. At the start of 02008 there were (4060) images in my library, for a change of (815) images.

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