02017 Personal Annual Report


In 02017 I topped-up my mobile phone (12) times which cost me 12,000 ISK. I also added 1 month of top-up data plan for 1,490 ISK. Over all my communications cost me 13,490 ISK in 2017.


In 02017 I saw a total of (0) movie in the theatre and read or listened to (0) books and read (198) articles in Instapaper.


In total I spent approximately (2216) minutes in the air on various flights and the following days in different cities.


This is a list of conferences I attended in 02017.


At the Start of 02017, my iTunes library had (1772) items. At the start of 02018 there were (1774) items in my library, for a change of (2) items. This probably has to do with the number of podcasts I am keeping versus listening too and deleting. I can't really think of the last time he purchased a CD or digital download. Most of his listening has been through online streaming services. In the later half of 02017, we joined Apple Music on the free trial and have been mostly streaming music or downloading it only to the phone.

In 02017, I huffduffed (28) audio files into a podcast.


At the Start of 02017, my Photo library had (11449) images. At the start of 02018 there were (13736) images in my library, for a change of (2287) images. This is mostly due to the iPhone snaps.

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