02020 Personal Annual Report


In March, the COVID-19 pandemic caught-up to Iceland. For the rest of 02020, Iceland was on and off restrictions. We never had a full lock-down, but many gatherings were restricted or banned throughout the year. Even if we wanted to increase our trips to the theater or movies, we weren't always allowed. This year's numbers are more a reflection of the pandemic, than normal choices.


In 02020 I topped-up my mobile phone (3) times which cost me 3,000 ISK. Late in the year, I switched to a zero-contract. That way I can keep my number, but only top-up my credit when I run out. With around 6,000 ISK credit, I expect next year's phone costs will be very small.


In 02020 I saw a total of (0) movie in the theatre, read or listened to (0) books and added (115) articles in Instapaper.


(0) minutes were spent in the air.

Rather than travel abroad, I spent some time travelling around Iceland.


We were planning the third installment of Material, but at the last moment, we had to cancel the event.

I attended a few virtual events in 02020.


At the start of 02020, my iTunes library had (1854) items. At the start of 02021 there were (1853) items in my library, for a change of (-1) items. This probably has to do with the number of podcasts I am keeping versus listening too and deleting.

In 02019, we joined Apple Music and have been mostly streaming music or downloading it only to the phone or smart speaker. There is less overview of what is 'owned' and what is 'accessible'.

In 02020, I huffduffed (13) audio files into a podcast.


At the Start of 02020, my Photo library had (17046) images. At the start of 02021 there were (19778) images in my library, for a change of (2732) images. This is due to the iPhone snaps. The dedicated SLR is used rarely and if so, probably doesn't get imported into the photos library.

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