02022 Personal Annual Report


In 02022 I topped-up my mobile phone (0) times this year which cost us nothing. In 02020, we switched over to a zero-contract and it is free calls and texts within the same network. For all intents and purposes, it is the same thing as the previous pay-as-you-go system, but we didn't have to top-up every three months to keep the number.


In 02022 I saw a total of (0) movie in the theatre, read or listened to (0) book and added (89) unread articles in Instapaper.

There are still (745) unread articles in Instapaper. We used to get through that list over the holiday season or while travelling, but that freetime has disappeared.

We also signed-up for Apple One, which includes an Apple TV+ subscription. We also have subscriptions to Netflix and Disney+.


(2956) minutes were spent in the air. That's 49.26 hours, or just over two days in the air.

We took two work trips to San Francisco, one trip to Venice for the Biennale and a vacation to Sweden.


In 02019, we joined Apple Music and have been mostly streaming music or downloading it only to the phone or smart speaker. There is less overview of what is 'owned' and what is 'accessible'.

In 02022, I huffduffed (10) audio files into a podcast.


At the Start of 02022, my Photo library had (21935) images. At the start of 02023 there were (25035) images in my library, for a change of (3100) images. This is due to the iPhone snaps and two experimental iOS camera apps we've been developing.

Guilty Pleasures

There are several things in life that give us pleasure which are not necessarily good for us.

Expect the Unexpected

Here is a short-list of things we participated in during the year where were totally unexpected.


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