2007 Personal Annual Report


In 2007 I spent a total of (1345) minutes on Skype Out credit.

  1. jan: 280 Minutes
  2. feb: 346 Minutes
  3. mar: 294 Minutes
  4. apr: 83 Minutes
  5. may: 0 Minutes
  6. jun: 333 Minutes
  7. jul: 0 Minutes
  8. aug: 0 Minutes
  9. sep: 0 Minutes
  10. oct: 0 Minutes
  11. nov: 9 Minutes
  12. dec: 0 Minutes


In 2007 I saw a total of (2) movies in the theatre and read or listened to (10) books.

Movies include

Books include


In total, I spent approximately (2180) minutes in the air on various flights and the following days in different cities.

To date, I have been to 11 countries (counting airport layovers, otherwise 10 - Denmark wouldn't be included), Canada, USA, Mexico, Iceland, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark. According to they cover only 4% of the possible places. I have been trying to keep a running list of countries and states visited, and places I would like to visit on


This is a list of conferences I attended in 2007.

Food & Drink

Milk Meter

Over twelve months I managed to purchase (85.5) litters of Milk (~22.6 Gallons) and spent 6635 IKR (~$105/£52/€73) on drinking milk.


According to the terrapass website, I travelled ~26,700 miles (43,000 km) which generates ~10,750 lbs of CO2. That is ~4.9 tonnes of carbon which is about half of what I generated in 2006.

The Ecological Footprint Quiz says that my current life-style would require (7.7) planets. Even though I recycle and use public transportation, I think all my flights and the fact that imported food and goods to Iceland requires so much fuel.


At the Start of 2007, my iTunes library had (5856) items. At the start of 2008 there were (227) items in my library, for a change of (-5629) items. Due to a massive hard drive crash, I lost my digitized music. It is all acquirable again, but requires ripping - not likely this will happen soon.


At the Start of 2007, my iPhoto library had (1179) images. At the start of 2008 there were (1844) images in my library, for a change of (665) images.

Guilty Pleasures


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