This is a BETA implementation of an XSLT file to transform hCalendar encoded XHTML file into the corresponding iCalendar file. The DRAFT specification for hCalendar encodings can be found at the Microformats Wiki.

As the specification become less of a moving target the XSLT file will solidify and a proper html profile created.

Extract Calendar Data from URL


These are a few tools for anyone who wants to decode hCalendar data.


If you want to create buttons or links to signal that a page is hCalendar encoded, you can link to the transformation by using the following:<COMPLETE-URL-TO-YOUR-SITE>

Drag this bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar so you can grab iCal data from any hCal participating URL.
Extract iCal data (Drag link to the Bookmarks Bar).

The XSLT file used to transform the data is available at:

SIMILE Timeline

The SIMILE project at MIT has created an Open Source Javascript timeline application. The timeline takes XML, JSON or SPARQL as input and plots the information onto the timeline. I have added the ability to convert any hCalendar encoded page into the XML needed to import into this timeline. I have setup an example page to demonstrate how you can pull-in any hCalendar page into the timeline. It isn't pretty, but it should convey the idea and get anyone started who wants to implement something similar. There is also another timeline service which pulls in hCalendar and plots them.

The XSLT file used to transform the data is available at:


Technorati uses this hCalendar to iCalendar as one of their services. They are using slightly older, stable versions of the XSLT files, but their servers are faster and more reliable than my site. Feel free to use either of our web services.


All of the PHP code and XSLT files are available for download through our Hg versioning system,

The XSLT files have been relicensed and are available for download under the W3C Open Source License.

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