APML is an XML format to describing attention. Time will tell if it gains adoption or not. I like the idea, but not always the format. Even though APML is much simpler than any of its predecessors, it is still an XML file hidden away. Data that is out-of-site tends to be out-of-mind and gets "stale". To help prevent this I have started to write some XSLTs to convert the HTML we see and update daily into the APML format. This will allow authors to continue publishing the way they already do, but also gain the benefit of this technology.

Tag Cloud

A tag cloud is a stylized list of tags used throughout the site. Usually the more popular tags are displayed larger and/or in a different color. This relationship indicated interest. The larger the tag, the more interesting. I wrote a simple XSLT that converts rel-tags to APML concepts. The POSH way that I like to mark-up tag clouds is to use multiple <em> elements to give more and more emphasis to more popular terms. The XSLT finds the highest emphasized term and gives that a 1 as the APML concept value. All the other terms are proportional to the largest.


I have also started work on an hReview to APML converter. This will allow publishers to simply publish "reviews" of their interests and rate them more fine-grained. Then the XSLT will convert the hReview rating into a percetage value for the APML concept.


I have taken the standard Feed icons and adapted them in the style and colors from the apml website. I have made them available for download in various formats and sizes.



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