XOXO Microformats


These are BETA implementations of XSLT files to transform and XOXO encoded XHTML file into OPML files.

XOXO Microformats to OPML

Extract XOXO Data from URL


These are a few tools for anyone who wants to decode XOXO data.


If you want to create buttons or links to signal that a page is XOXO data encoded, you can link to this transformation by using the following:<COMPLETE-URL-TO-YOUR-SITE>

Drag this bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar so you can grab OPML data from any XOXO data participating URL.

The XSLT file used to transform the data is available at:


This is a purely academic endeavour to convert any arbitrary XML document into XOXO. There is no web service to apply the transformation, but the XSLT is available for anyone who wants to conduct their own research.

The XSLT file used to transform the data is available at:

The XSLT files have been licensed and are available for download under the W3C Open Source License.

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